Mission information

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We`ll try to be concise and give only relevant info...

Ages ago, there was a powerful and righteous human civilization on Earth who possessed the knowledge of controlling energies of the Universe. They used their knowledge to construct a unique vibrational device for stabilizing planet Earth in all times, and what is more, to harmonize minds of all creatures on the planet. The result was eternal peace, understanding, wisdom and exponential development in all fields.

Unfortunately, some entities were not satisfied with the considerable progress human beings have achieved. Until now, most people were not aware of belonging to either humans or aliens, or if this is just another conspiracy theory. Evil entities wanted ultimate control. They decided to destroy the Device and kill all its constructors known by the name of The Great 18 Group. The Group was informed and was secretly creating a new device called The Great Device which was designed to protect itself, making it indestructible.
But The Great Device was never engaged.

Entities succeeded to eliminate every member of the Group and destroy the Device…Thence they started poisoning human minds by distorting the truth and values in any way they could. Egoistic thoughts were implanted in human minds and have slowly started to effect whole mankind. It resulted in slack characters and poisoned consciences, which lead to serious degeneration of human minds and bodies, wars, illnesses. Intelligence has also been degraded to mere 10% of human potential. It is very easy to manipulate and control such a race...

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TrailHit application Download

We give you this mobile applicaton specially developed for your level of technology and devices. This application is your only tool on this important Mission. Our scientists are still working on future improvments and new tools.

The application is build in the form of a game.. do not be deceive with that!


Download from the Android Market for Free




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Get Crystals!

Crystals are F5 tbl. premium in-game currency. With Crystals, you'll be able to buy awesome optional in-game content like advanced equipment, access to premium options and other stuff which can help you to be more cool and efficient on your mission and also to have more fun!

Enter your TrailCode:
This is very important! Your account will be credited with Crystals based on the typed TrailCode, so be careful!

TrailHit Crystals
30 Crystals for 4.95 $2.45 USD
75 Crystals for 9.95 $4.95 USD
165 Crystals for 19.95 $9.95 USD
400 Crystals for 39.95 $19.95 USD

Crystals is an in-game currency specific to a particular F5 tbl. application. Crystals has no real world value and may only be used to purchase virtual products or services provided by F5 tbl. within the game specified. All Crystals purchases and items purchased within the in-game store using Crystals are non-refundable.

If you have any further questions, please contact us at support@trailhit.com.

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How can I find pieces of Scrolls?
You should look at the map and find the pieces... The application locates and decodes pieces of Scrolls when you come close enough.

There are only two Scrolls in the Scrollbook... How can I get other Scrolls?
When you collect all pieces of one Scroll, you´ll get another one as your reward.
Also, you can buy another place for the Scroll (as well as the Scroll), so you can manage more than just 2 Scrolls at the same time.

How the hell am I supposed to activate this scroll?!
If you like to make cocktails you´ll figure it out... no? Do you like drinking yogurt? no? uffff OK, OK.. Folow this (hidden) link:

How can I activate the Wheel of Scrolls?
Pssst... the walls haves ears... Just try to focus on the the Scrolls and you´ll figure it out...

Do you really exist.. You... You Aliens??

Is this game based on real informations and/or conspiracy theory?
What game?!

Can I finish this Mission without buying any Crystals or anything?
Yes, you can! Of course, all additional stuff like Special items can help you be much faster. Also, the Crystals you spend are for your benefit as well... Your heart chakra is purified when you give something with love and without expectations :-)
OK, OK, will take you on a ride with our space ship later...

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There are many TrailHitters on the field trying to solve this Mission. You can track their activity here in the real time.

This is done only for your motivation. You are not alone! You can be the One!

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