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How can I find pieces of Scrolls?
You should look at the map and find the pieces... The application locates and decodes pieces of Scrolls when you come close enough.

There are only two Scrolls in the Scrollbook... How can I get other Scrolls?
When you collect all pieces of one Scroll, you´ll get another one as your reward.
Also, you can buy another place for the Scroll (as well as the Scroll), so you can manage more than just 2 Scrolls at the same time.

How the hell am I supposed to activate this scroll?!
If you like to make cocktails you´ll figure it out... no? Do you like drinking yogurt? no? uffff OK, OK.. Folow this (hidden) link:

How can I activate the Wheel of Scrolls?
Pssst... the walls haves ears... Just try to focus on the the Scrolls and you´ll figure it out...

Do you really exist.. You... You Aliens??

Is this game based on real informations and/or conspiracy theory?
What game?!

Can I finish this Mission without buying any Crystals or anything?
Yes, you can! Of course, all additional stuff like Special items can help you be much faster. Also, the Crystals you spend are for your benefit as well... Your heart chakra is purified when you give something with love and without expectations :-)
OK, OK, will take you on a ride with our space ship later...