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Get Crystals!

Get Crystals!

Crystals are F5 tbl. premium in-game currency. With Crystals, you'll be able to buy awesome optional in-game content like advanced equipment, access to premium options and other stuff which can help you to be more cool and efficient on your mission and also to have more fun!

Enter your TrailCode:
This is very important! Your account will be credited with Crystals based on the typed TrailCode, so be careful!

TrailHit Crystals
30 Crystals for 4.95 $2.45 USD
75 Crystals for 9.95 $4.95 USD
165 Crystals for 19.95 $9.95 USD
400 Crystals for 39.95 $19.95 USD

Crystals is an in-game currency specific to a particular F5 tbl. application. Crystals has no real world value and may only be used to purchase virtual products or services provided by F5 tbl. within the game specified. All Crystals purchases and items purchased within the in-game store using Crystals are non-refundable.

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