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Mission information

Mission information

Please read this carefully...
We`ll try to be concise and give only relevant info...

Ages ago, there was a powerful and righteous human civilization on Earth who possessed the knowledge of controlling energies of the Universe. They used their knowledge to construct a unique vibrational device for stabilizing planet Earth in all times, and what is more, to harmonize minds of all creatures on the planet. The result was eternal peace, understanding, wisdom and exponential development in all fields.

Unfortunately, some entities were not satisfied with the considerable progress human beings have achieved. Until now, most people were not aware of belonging to either humans or aliens, or if this is just another conspiracy theory. Evil entities wanted ultimate control. They decided to destroy the Device and kill all its constructors known by the name of The Great 18 Group. The Group was informed and was secretly creating a new device called The Great Device which was designed to protect itself, making it indestructible.
But The Great Device was never engaged.

Entities succeeded to eliminate every member of the Group and destroy the Device…Thence they started poisoning human minds by distorting the truth and values in any way they could. Egoistic thoughts were implanted in human minds and have slowly started to effect whole mankind. It resulted in slack characters and poisoned consciences, which lead to serious degeneration of human minds and bodies, wars, illnesses. Intelligence has also been degraded to mere 10% of human potential. It is very easy to manipulate and control such a race...

It is important to understand that whoever does this has enormous powerful technology which can directly affect human minds or even kill human beings. Some of those technologies include mind reading, teleportation, materialization, antigravity systems and vehicles, powerful sources of energies unknown to men, etc.
What we can also say for sure is that Entities have stopped all major scientific and medical progress on Earth! They have infiltrated in all structures on economy and politics, but not directly! They manipulate people`s minds, and use fear and ignorance to sustain their power and control. It suffices to say that even presidents and governments are not aware of these secrets and Entities rule over Earth in a form of parallel government.

Because of dominant technology some people think that they must be aliens, but we have some other relevant information regarding the matter! We have strong evidence that they use alien technology and have not alien, but human forms!! They are not humans, because humans are divine beings and can never be completely overtaken by aliens. Also we know for sure that for at least 60 years (from the Roswell incident) they possess the aforementioned technology and they constantly improve it in their secret laboratories on Earth. They even have the so called UFO replicas (they use it for “alien kidnapping scenarios” – yes, it`s fake, of course, but nonetheless real for people who experienced it - the result of which are fear and aggression towards aliens).

This is one more secret we are obliged to reveal: they want you to think aliens are bad and you should be afraid of them, they even have a plan to push humans into war with aliens (please close TrailHit if you think aliens do not exist and they have not been here for centuries). Entities maintain their control by imposing the idea of enemies being everywhere around us, even among us (remember Cold War, terrorism ... getting the picture? ).

The greatest weakness of Entities and all their plans and technology is the fact that they can do nothing if human beings raise their consciousness, so their minds and hearts can become pure. If human beings stop their egoistically driven programs, they will be out of reach of all mind control weapons and strategies. Now is the time to wake-up!

However, what Entities did not know is that The Great 18 Group built one more device and left a Trail to it!
Until now, it has not been possible to reveal this crucial information because Entities were controlling Earth and it would be very easy for them to eliminate anybody who would try to restore the Device. For that purpose, this information was kept outside of any human mind so that Entities cannot discover it.
Now, the situation has changed! The entire Earth is under our strong protective shield. We are here to help you.
The fact is that the Device can be found and engaged by a human being only! We cannot interfere in this directly. Our duty is just to reveal the scripture of The Great 18 Group leading to the Device.

The One who finds the Trail and restores the Device will get great powers and His name will be remembered in the chronicles of the Universe forever. This is real King Arthur`s sword in stone – can you handle it?

You should know that the Map which leads to The Great Device is divided into pieces, hidden and protected in several ways (mainly with advanced photonic techniques), so only the best among humans are invited into this mission of revelation, engaging the Device and saving planet Earth and whole human race.
It has been written that the symbol of The Great Device is a 4 leaf clover. Also, it has been known that the main part of The Great Device is a very powerful crystal. Do not look for a big device, it can be held in one hand!

There are 16 Magic Scrolls that have to be activated. The power released from the Magic Scrolls will prepare ALL for the revelation of The Great Device. We cannot say anything else. Be careful and read between the lines. You have been chosen for this mission! We know that you have potential to reveal all the secrets and engage The Great Device! We will also help you on the way with sophisticated technology and tools...

Let the shine of Neo be with you!